Japanese Traditional Garden

Shari-Zan Butsuganji
The Great Nirvana Temple
May every living thing be easy, peace and have happiness.
Blessing for every single thing that lives on Earth for creatures, animals, plants,
ones who are tall, big, short or small, ones can be seen and cannot be seen,
the ones already born and ones to be born in the future.
- Sutta Nipatsa "The Players of Buddha"-
For Worship
Worship means to pray for Shinto and Buddhist deities and for funerals
at Shrines, Temples, Churches and graves etc.
Many people have been visit Butsugan-ji to pray
for themselves and for their loved one's happiness with the help of Buddha.
Omamori is a charm used with prayers to word off bad luck,
bring good luck, and provide protection.
Power Spot
Clear air with negative ion is generated in the garden
which has a pond and a waterfall with clean water,
and an environment to produce pure spiritual power.