Prayers (at the temple)

It is a special prayer to go up to Buddha and fulfill one's wish. Visitors needing a special prayer are requested to ask temple staff in advance.


It is good luck brought on by Shinto and Buddhist deities. People can receive it as a result of good behavior and or actions.

Sample of Pray

  • Marriage/Love

    • Fulfilment of good relationships
    • Fulfillment in marriage
    • Fulfillment for love
  • Work

    • Prosperity in Business
    • Success in recruitment
    • Success from business change
    • Start a successful business
  • Study

    • Fulfilment of study
    • Improvement of study
    • For passing entrance exams
  • Relationships

    • Good relationships
    • Good relationships with family
    • Good relationships with friends
    • Good relationships with colleagues
  • Family

    • Couple's good relationship
    • Fertility
    • Happy/Healthy child birth
    • Happy/Healthy household
  • Health

    • Avoid ill health
    • Healthy body
    • Healthy mind
  • Good luck charm
    Protect from danger/bad luck

    • Bring luck, better fortune
    • Protect from danger/bad luck
    • Bring complete happiness
    • Success of one special wish
  • Disease/Injury

    • Cure from disease
    • Recover from injury

Donation for prayer

Starts from 3,000 Yen